The adventures of Chad and his Nikon D3100

Chad’s 1,300 kilometers in 6 days

I left the Ebbett Volkswagen PDI centre on the 22nd October 2018 with the VW California. My plan was to do a solo road trip that took me to some of the lowest parts of the north Island. Throughout my journey I was amazed at New Zealand’s landscape and the incredible scenery that lies around every corner on its roads.

During my journey I stopped at as many attractions as I could, what never ceased to amaze me was the freedom to explore, how well maintained and how accessible some of New Zealand’s natural feats of beauty really are. The Kiwifornia took me a total of 1300km in 6 days.

The vehicle itself is incredible to drive, I was comfortable on the road and even more comfortable at the campsite. It is another one of Volkswagens amazing creations and it will go down in history along with all the other innovative vehicles they have created in the past.

A huge thank you to Ebbett Volkswagen Hamilton for giving me the opportunity to see some of New Zealand in such an incredible way.