A birthday to remember

We chose a special time for our trip to the Corramandal in the Volkswagen Kiwifornia. Our beautiful daughter was turning 10 years old and to celebrate we wanted to do something a little bit different for her. We planned our holiday in this wonderful camper van and celebrated her birthday by hiding little surprises in the van each day. Going on a trip with two kids (one 2.5 years old) means a lot of packing but we were blown away with how much storage was available in the Kiwifornia.

During our trip, we went to the Miranda holiday park near Thames and made day trips from there. It was a bit cold for November, and it rained for two days, but it was amazing how the kids enjoyed their time on the extended roof. It was a kids zone through and through.

Days were spent travelling to nearby places and evenings were spent in the mineral pool at the holiday park. We were surprised by how comfortable it was to sleep in the van. The kids slept well (the biggest surprise) and even though it was cold outside, the van was nice and cosy.

In our opinion, the best thing about the Kiwiforina was how easy it was to quickly make changes to the interior of the van.

Overall, we had some very relaxing family time and my kids loved it. A big thanks to Ebbett Volkswagen for this amazing experience of a kiwi style holiday and our first time in a campervan!