Bringing in the new year in style

Day 1 – I started off by heading down to Rotorua and catching up with family and a few old friends. Everyone was really impressed by the Kiwifornia and loved all the various features. It was New Year’s Eve so there was a massive carnival in town with a bunch of rides, games and then fireworks!

Day 2 – I went out to the Blue Lake and then later on to Papamoa. The beach was so hot and the ocean was really warm. We played a bit of beach cricket but had to keep jumping back into the ocean because it was so hot.

Day 3 – We did a mission down to Wellington. The weather in Welly was amazing too, so we went to Oriental Bay as soon as we had arrived.

Day 4 – I spent more time catching up with old friends and ended up going to Princess Bay in both the morning and afternoon. It’s always really nice there and is a bit more sheltered than the rest of Wellington’s beaches. The best place to go if you want to get out of the wind!

Day 5 – I said my goodbyes and came back up to Hamilton.

I loved how easy it was to drive. When you think of campervans, you usually think of big clunky vehicles that are slow and hard to get around in, but the VW California drives pretty much like a car. The sound system was awesome too!