Kaknika’s northern expedition.

The goal of our adventure was always to pack as much into our four days as possible. My family and I had a lot on the agenda, but mainly we wanted to enjoy our holiday time together. We made our way up North, through Auckland and just up from Whangarei to Tutukaka where we were able to enjoy the peaceful bay town then onto Paihia and finally Lake Kaiiwi.

We spent our time chilling on the beach and eating a lot of food. We managed to squeeze in a few wineries as well. The Kiwifornia was great! For a smaller camper van it was extremely spacious, with very comfortable seats and a luxury interior.

We covered a lot of ground on our adventure and the Kiwifornia was extremely economical, not to mention a breeze to drive. My sister hogged all the driving because she really enjoyed the car like feel and how the Kiwifornia was controllable as well as comfortable on the windy coastal roads.

Our zippy little northland home. Good times!.