California Dreaming in Raglan

The VW California drove like a dream

As we lined up next to an array of other camper vans – and 40 odd surfers out at the beautiful Manu bay – we felt the luxury that this camper provides without feeling like the ‘odd one’ out! The vehicle was admired from young kids through to our cherished elders. We enjoyed every moment the #Kiwifornia trip brought to us: the glorious Raglan sunset, sunrise, the conversations and tales people shared with us, the comfort and extras the VW is kitted out with, the beautiful scenery, the time we got to share and create happy memories that we can add to our life journey!
Thanks to the team at Ebbett Volkswagen – we got to feel like teenagers again but with a bit more luxury than the old van we had fun in in our youth! The only problem was that we didn’t want to come home!